Nashville Scene, Our Critics Picks, May 8th, 2008
- "There are more than a few people quietly going about the business of making great music in Nashville, and they don’t get much better than Kathy Chiavola. Though she’s got a steadily growing list of harmony vocal credits—and a shorter one of her own CDs—the classical-turned-bluegrass singer remains under way too many folks’ radar. Perhaps it’s because she’s more of an artist than a self-promoter, or because her intertwining of solid ’grass tradition and other, more wide-ranging forms is so uniquely rooted in her personality, but in the end those are increasingly thin excuses. 9 p.m. at Station Inn."

June 2001, Country Music People magazine, Europe's #1 countrymusic magazine:
Kathy Chiavola at the Heart of England Bluegrass Club, Kenilworth, England (April 13, 2001)

“Kathy Chiavola is one of those people who, if talent were the only criterion to success, would be right at the top of her profession.  However, it is not and explains why we are fortunate enough to be able to see an incredibly talented person in small venues.  
The Heart of England Bluegrass Club is now in its third and best location.  The Kenilworth Sports and Social Club was full for this Good Friday appearance by Kathy, the entire proceeds of which were given to Kidney Cancer Research, the disease that tragically, claimed Chiavola's former partner, Randy Howard.
Whilst Kathy expected to perform solo, a bonus-and surprise-was the appearance of Dave Luke on mandolin and vocals.  He had played with Kathy a couple of times before and turned up ready to perform with her again after a few moments rehearsal.  Dave's singing, in particular, provided an excellent foil for Kathy throughout the evening.  
The audience - not all bluegrass fans, and including several who were there as supporters of the charity- were captivated.  Kathy Chiavola is a quality singer, an excellent rhythm guitarist and a fine entertainer with, usually a story for every song.  Many of these concerned Randy Howard.  Kate Wolf's Across the Great Divide, superbly performed, was a favourite of Randy's , with the line, "Well I heard the owl calling," given a moving reference.  
Similarly, Randy's sense of fun was recalled in Last Words, while Kathy's emotional performance of I will Carry On was, for my taste, better live than on her current CD; From Where I Stand, where it was given a more ethereal treatment.
Part of the evening was given over to requests from Kathy's albums, and she obliged with A Fool Such As I, a terrific version of Jimmy C. Newman's Cry, Cry Darling and I Am a Pilgrim.  However, as with all artists who enjoy the thrill of the live show, she offered a selection of unrecorded tunes as well.   These included a spirited Sitting On Top of the World, an excellent  Sweet Dreams, and Kathy's continuing quest in Peter Rowan promotion with a fine version of Midnite Moonlight.
If I had to pick a highlight, it would have to be Kathy's version of Too Far Gone.  Awesome.  I would have said that the combination of Emmylou Harris and James Burton, the version of this song that most people know, was unbeatable, but what do I know about form?  This is the woman who improved a John Hiatt song.  That should make most things possible."
~ John Atkins
"Time and time again her stunning performance raised the roof.."
~ Country Music People
"I adore Kathy's wonderful voice and so did this festival audience.  She cast a musical spell over all of us that I will long unforgettable performance.
~ International Country Music News and Routes
"Backed by just her own guitar and the hugely expressive fiddle work of world champion Randy Howard, she enthralled the audience with a vocal purity, pitch and control that was nothing short of beautiful..."
~ Country Music People
"Kathy, 'the voice', holds any audience spellbound when she sings, we sat there absolutely entranced as did other members of the audience.  Randy Howard's fiddle playing has to be seen to be believed.  What a combination
these two artistes make.  Absolute bliss."
~ North Country Music